Beginning in the 70s, The Persian Wedding, charts the course of love across the cultural divide between Iran and the UK. Iran's tumultuous history in the period leading up to, during and after its revolution, is the backdrop for this story of love characterised by curiosity, longing, proximity and distance. 

Expect vivid descriptions of place and politics, in the characteristic and estranging prose-poetry style of Michael Flay. 


About the author:

A Cambridge and then Bristol University academic during the 1970s, Michael Flay was an active part of the countercultural scene. A strong opponent to Thatcher and conservatism, he left the UK in the 1980s for academic and artistic posts in places as diverse as Tehran, Tunisia, Finland (where he became part of the Rock scene), and Switzerland, documenting the cultural interfaces he experienced in his dense, poetic prose. Always an advocate for outsiders, Michael Flay spent the last years of his life working and campaigning for social inclusion, in particular for those with disabilities. His writing reflects his interest in 'the other' and represents a fresh way of exploring difference and diversity in a world now saturated with the norms of identity politics culture.


100% of the royalties from this book go towards Lafiy Press writers' grants and the cost of publishing books by writers from lower socio economic backgrounds.

The Persian Wedding

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