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Head of Lafiy Press

Catherine studied Literature at Cambridge before earning a PhD in London. She has taught at Birkbeck and Cambridge.

She then spent time as a Producer before becoming Head of the Institute of Art and Ideas where she continues to run the Politics Desk.

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Joe Burgis


Joe Burgis spent four years as an editor at Penguin Random House. He now works as a freelance writer and editor.


Hatti Whitman


Hatti holds Master's degrees in English and History of Art, and has over five years' experience working with authors to hone their writing and bring their work to life.

She loves literary and genre fiction, and is especially keen to see submissions from authors of fantasy and speculative fiction

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Amy Hughes

Regular writer (articles)

Amy studied English Literature at York and Oxford before starting a career as a writer and journalist. She loves literary and contemporary fiction and tracks her reading on Instagram, where you can follow her at @writtenontheflyleaves.

She will be writing one article a month. Find her work and other articles here.